Hi I'm iris,

I’m a graphic designer, visual artist and parttime letter lover.

A big inspiration of mine is 80’s science fiction work and graphic novels.

I work with colourful shapes, illustration, photography and bold typography.

I enjoy working with printing techniques such as Riso, screen printing and lino.

I use these techniques to translate my feelings & concepts into meaningful work.

you can reach me on info@droom-iris.com




Print for Roodkapjes monthly Galleriso flyers

I designed this Riso-print for June's edition of Roodkapjes monthly riso flyer featuring the program of Roodkapje.

This print explores the subject of Derealisation. Derealisation is a dissociative disorder that causes you to feel and perceive the world as unreal. Last year I experienced some episodes of derealisation and I tried to visualise them in this print.

When the lines of reality start blurring, you feel things aren’t right, don’t look right, and don’t physically feel right. Rough textures feel smooth, and soft surfaces feel hard. This vagueness and miscommunication of perception becomes your reality and you’re the only one that understands you. The wires are loose in your head, they’re all connected to different inputs & outputs. Or perhaps I’ve always felt different & now my head decided to re-wire itself entirely and I’m still in the adjustment phase of the process. Tomorrow I’ll wake up and the foggy blur that’s clouding my mind will have been lifted like physical fog on a cold Sunday morning.

Derealisation print