Hi I'm iris,

I’m a graphic designer, visual artist and parttime letter lover.

A big inspiration of mine is 80’s science fiction work and graphic novels.

I work with colourful shapes, illustration, photography and bold typography.

I enjoy working with printing techniques such as Riso, screen printing and lino.

I use these techniques to translate my feelings & concepts into meaningful work.

you can reach me on info@droom-iris.com




This is a colaborative project between me and Mirte Kort.

Together we made this animated short film, featuring the grid. The film consists of some digital animations & some analog Risography animations.

The grid is a symbol for a power structure. A power structure which is designed to guide and control people and their surroundings.

Nature is not necessarily font of these power structures and often decides for itself where it wants to go.

We are researching the contrast within rules and our own choices or instinct.

Even though the perfect system has been designed and applied, we always trust our own feelings and instinct over the grid.

Gridded Behavior

Behind the Scenes