Hi I'm iris,

I’m a graphic designer, visual artist and parttime letter lover.

A big inspiration of mine is 80’s science fiction work and graphic novels.

I work with colourful shapes, illustration, photography and bold typography.

I enjoy working with printing techniques such as Riso, screen printing and lino.

I use these techniques to translate my feelings & concepts into meaningful work.

you can reach me on info@droom-iris.com




This publication exists in physical reality as well as in a digital one. It asks the reader to question whether what they are reading is written by a human or a machine, and if it matters.

What makes machines so different from us humans? My understanding of this question which I continuously asked myself throughout this project is the fact that it is a question of values.

if I taught a machine everything about something I am very skilled in, the machine's work and understanding would still be perceived as of lesser worth, than my work. But why?

Therefore, I want the reader to question what they are reading and whether it would matter if a machine or human wrote it. Also, whether it would change their perspective on the issue, or make them rethink certain values.

This physical book consists of a digital-AR layer, which you can find inside the book, by scanning the QR code and downloading the adobe AR app. The book itself references my interest in Science fiction and its relevance to the urgent question I ask the reader within this project.

Human or Machine