Hi I'm iris,

I’m a graphic designer, visual artist and parttime letter lover.

A big inspiration of mine is 80’s science fiction work and graphic novels.

I work with colourful shapes, illustration, photography and bold typography.

I enjoy working with printing techniques such as Riso, screen printing and lino.

I use these techniques to translate my feelings & concepts into meaningful work.

you can reach me on info@droom-iris.com




Poster design for the guerrilla exhibition titled; “reclamebord” organised by artist collective; Root

Reclamebord is a recurring guerrilla exhibition, with the main goal to take up space for underground artists. For one day, Root invites artists to make work the size of a reclamebord and take up the space normally used for advertisements.

Reclamebord 25 / 08 / 2023

As friendly as this creature looks, it is nothing to become friendly with the “Stella Bulla” which will defend its habitat until they cease to exist. Its shape changes throughout its entire life and becomes smaller when they are older.

Reclamebord 26 / 05 / 2023