Hi I'm iris,

I’m a graphic designer, visual artist and parttime letter lover.

A big inspiration of mine is 80’s science fiction work and graphic novels.

I work with colourful shapes, illustration, photography and bold typography.

I enjoy working with printing techniques such as Riso, screen printing and lino.

I use these techniques to translate my feelings & concepts into meaningful work.

you can reach me on info@droom-iris.com




Identity design for Vulvaverse festival

Vulvaverse is a transformative music festival curated and brought to life by the band VULVA.

Its mission is to create an inclusive universe where marginalized artists, musicians, creators, and speakers can showcase their talents and foster a space of learning and healing.

With a focus on centering the queer, bipoc, and LGBTQIA+ communities, we come together to celebrate the power of loud music, expression, and shared experiences.

Within Vulvaverse, the festival encourages you to scream, cry, dance, laugh, and listen, allowing for the full spectrum of emotions to be embraced.


Each year Vulvaverse delves into a vital theme or subject related to bodily autonomy.

Through programming, vulvaverse aims to provide valuable insights and information.

In the past, subjects such as abortion and contraception have been explored, and this year, the spotlight shines on trans healthcare in the Netherlands.


↖fotograaf Jan Rijk @dutchpix.com